Stratosphere Announces the COE Workbench for your Enterprise

Do you really know what is in your Pega practice?

Introducing the Stratosphere COE Workbench. Why a workbench? Simply put, it is a place where you can have all of your organization’s components – its tools and raw materials – in one place and ready to hand, allowing you to select components for new and existing projects and fit them together as part of a larger project and program, delivering on the ideal of faster, more reliable development and deployment.

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A Pega DAO Pattern for External Databases

The Data Access Object (DAO) pattern is well known in object-oriented languages as a means of abstracting the ultimate data source from the model (aka entity, business object, etc.) layer. This is a best practice in object-oriented software development in general, and so it is equally relevant to Pega development in particular. This article will show a simple method for implementing this pattern using Pega 7.x Data Pages, Data Transforms, and Report Definitions in order to access an external database

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Pega Patterns - Dynamic Class Referencing

I am a sucker for good patterns. Ones that save you from lots of busy work when you are developing large systems. Ones that integrate themselves nicely with the rest of your application and become “just the way we do things” quickly and without thought. Dynamic Class Referencing (known by its friends as DCR) is exactly that.

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