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We empower business leaders and their teams to overcome antiquated, inflexible application systems that fail to engage their users, and guide you through the process of business and technical transformation towards a modern, agile enterprise.

Business & Technical Expertise

Stratosphere Consulting focuses on case management consulting and product development on the Pega platform, providing expert services and architectural direction at the project, program, and enterprise level.

Our clients include exceptional organizations from both the private and public sector seeking to provide the best possible collaborative experience for their customers and constituents.

Our enterprise-level expertise in Case Management on the Pegasystems platform allows us to develop Centers of Excellence and enterprise reuse programs that help you get the most out of your investment, as well as provide leadership throughout the project life cycle, from inception to delivery and support.


Stratosphere is built on the premise that better people deliver better results. Our expertise results in a higher quality deliverable that less experienced resources simply cannot provide, leading to more successful projects with greater reuse and a lower total cost of ownership.

Consulting Practice


Specialists in PegaRULES Process Commander (PRPC) including:

  • Process Definition & Improvement
  • Centers of Excellence
  • Best Practices
  • Project Leadership (Agile/SCRUM)
  • Project Development

02. LEadership

We understand the complexities of project delivery on a global scale.

We offer a proven, delivery-focused model of operation to minimize this risk using Scrum and other agile-based software development methodologies, because software only works if it works right and delivers on its promise every time.


A solid architectural foundation, including Framework Definition and Development, Rule Set management, and Enterprise Class Structure, promotes applications that are more flexible and adaptable to change, increases reuse, and speeds development of key components.



Whether you are just beginning to use Pega, or have been doing so for some time, we can provide experienced, enterprise-level strategy and vision to get your organization to the next level in its BPM maturity, increasing its efficiency in harnessing the power of Pega BPM software.


“Our goal is to provide an unmatched combination of technical expertise & business acumen.”

Colin campbell  |  Founder & CEO


Your Success is Our Focus

We want your organization to be successful in all of its Pegasystems progams.

We believe in the promise of case management as a discipline, we believe in Pega as the product to best deliver on that promise, and we believe that we can help you become both proficient and self-sufficient within your practice.

To do this requires a true integration of both business and technical disciplines to define and implement the core processes that lie at the heart of your business model. It is not simply re-platforming your existing applications. It is a transformational journey that results in a real change in operational efficiency, allowing new insights into your organization's processes and behaviors.

Delivering products that define your business process in working code while offering continuous feedback for continual process improvement sounds a lot like success to us.

We think it will for you, too.


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