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Worklists, Workbaskets, and Following Items only get you so far in finding the information in your Pegasystem that matters. What would it be like to have a Google-like search experience to help you get at those the cases and information you need in any situation (without having to invest billions of dollars to build that search experience)?

We've got the answer...


In the beginning...

Every version of Pega since version 7.1.7 has had a powerful sibling built right in: Elasticsearch. Pega lets you use this to perform full content searches on your Rules, Data and Work, and provides a few customizations to how you can use it in your application.

But it can be so much more...

STC Search provides a comprehensive and fully customizable solution that allows you to find the content within your application with accuracy regardless of the level of focus any particular context requires.

Indexing Your World

With STC Search, you can control both how and where anything in your Pegasystem gets indexed. With features like:

Per-application indexes

You can set STC Search up to store your data so that only people with access to a given application can get to it. This keeps your sensitive data more secure and ensures that people will have an easier time finding records that are relevant to their needs. Individual records can be stored in more than one index at a time based on conditions you configure.

Custom mapping per Property/field

Need some of your values to be dealt with as date times or geolocations or exact-match keywords? No problem! Just set them up when you create your index (or add them down the road) and your data will be stored in a meaningful way.

Phonetic analysis

What about those times when you have things that are really tough to consistently get right? Names are notoriously difficult to find without some leniency: is the name Jeff or Geoff? Is it Jon or John? Smith, Smyth, or Smythe? Every name, street address and city that gets indexed by STC Search is automatically processed by a Phonetic algorithm that gives you the flexibility of typing your search query without having to be precise.

Real-time index updates as your data is saved or deleted

Save a record? Boom, it's in the index. Delete a record? It's gone. STC Search interacts with the search indexes in real time as you make changes to the data in your Pega applications.

Bulk indexing

Need to rebuild your index because you changed a data type? Go for it! You can index all your data - either by index or by specific record type - quickly and with some smarts as to which records you probably care about the most!

Finding Things within your world

A text field and a keyboard are the only things you need to find records that matter. Supporting both powerful full-text search as well as a more specialized as-you-type search you get the records you need when you need them:

Configurable relevance boosting

Not all data is created equal. Sometimes, there are certain pieces of information that are way more important - and way more likely to be searched - than others. STC Search gives you the ability to configure what things are more meaningful than others. You can tune your search capabilities to do things like:

  • Increase the importance of work objects in an Open status (and decrease the importance of those in a Resolved status)

  • Give a higher relevance to records where a first name or last name matches the search text than if a note field does

Pattern matching and replacement

Who wants to care about whether a phone number is stored as (555) 555-4444 or 555-555-4444 or 555.555.4444? Certainly not the people using your application. Let them type their queries in whatever way feels comfortable to them and put the heavy lifting of figuring out what they mean on us! Define custom patterns that automatically transform searches into formats that are appropriate for the way you store your data - and get some extra boosting on top of it!


Let your users tell the search what they're looking for if it's otherwise not obvious. Define a set of keywords that STC Search will look for in their queries and boost records based on what you need.


What if you have your own Elasticsearch infrastructure within your organization? STC Search allows you to not only use Pega's embedded version of Elasticsearch, but also to point to any instance of Elasticsearch that might exist in your enterprise. We support versions 2.3 through 6.3 and can seamlessly handle the changes in indexing paradigms that came with version 6.0 (single document type indexes, etc).