Stratosphere Foundation

The Cornerstone of Success

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Applications are only as successful as the foundations upon which they are built. Get started on the wrong foot, and an application will falter throughout its life.


Stratosphere Foundation ensures that your applications will never fall into that trap. We built our Foundation based on not only Pega's best practices, but our accumulated decades of learning and experience implementing the Pega Platform. It combines the best of Pega with industry-standard design patterns to ensure that applications can meet the reuse, maintainability, and scalability demands we all expect from Enterprise-class solutions. It's the basis of everything we build; we can make it the Cornerstone of your success!

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Coded Reviews

Pega's Guardrails aim to ensure that you build your application in a manner that will sustain your success on the platform. What would it be like to configure the Guardrails to the specific needs and parameters of your application, though? Stratosphere Foundation provides a set of additional Guardrails that ensure not only Pega's, but the best practices and patterns of the overall community are considered. And it gives you the ability to choose which ones are meaningful to your implementation!

Entity manAgement

When you have a Case Management hammer, everything looks like a Case that needs to be managed. Not everything you do in Pega should be a Work type. Sometimes, what you really need is data that can be modified over time and acted upon by purpose-driven cases.

Entity Management gives you a framework for implementing your long-lived data types, editing them, viewing historical representations, and creating arbitrary relationships between those instances.



Worklists, Workbaskets, and Following Items only get you so far in finding the information in your Pegasystem that matters. What would it be like to have a Google-like search experience to help you get at those the cases and information you need in any situation?

Stratosphere's search leverages the Pega Platform's built-in Elasticsearch engine (of course, you can bring your own Elasticstack, too) and layers on such things as:

  • Custom indices
  • Faceting
  • Result relevance boosting
  • Full-text and targeted searches
  • Phonetic searches
  • Real-time indexing of work and data