COE Workbench

Never. Build. Twice.


Stratosphere builds Pegasystems applications, programs and practices for clients all around the United States, and everyone who wants to do Pega better, whether they are just getting started with a nascent program, or are looking to scale up their existing experience.

We created the COE Workbench to provide your Pega Practice the tools it needs for effective Governance, Enablement  and Delivery across all of your teams, all around the world.


The Problem

Stratosphere Global Teams

Multiple teams across the organization...

Stratosphere Complex Applications

Working on complex applications...

Stratosphere Growth Competitiveness

Trying to improve business operations...

Stratosphere Teams Under Pressure

Under budget & timeline pressure...


Do you really know what is in your enterprise?

Customer contact forms, reports, payment processing, knowledge bases, and integrations should be reusable, but often times they are not. Rather than innovating, teams are spending time building the same feature, again and again - and again.

Pegasystems is designed to leverage reuse in ways never before possible, but without effective tool sets there is a gap in how teams can organize and communicate about what exists, and what is available for reuse.

Stratosphere's COE Workbench builds on Pega's Situational Layer Cake by creating a tool that breaks down communication silos that inevitably arise between teams focused on delivering their specific applications.

The goal of any Pega Center of Excellence is to promote a practice that balances operational efficiency, sound application development practices, and institutional oversight.  We call these the Three Pillars of the COE.


Pega's Situational Layer Cake and focus on application reuse

Three Pillars of a Center of Excellence (COE)


Stratosphere COE Governance

The most well-known function of a Center of Excellence is to provide oversight and guidance across the activities that occur within its purview.

Coordinate development across global teams and gain insight like you were all in the same room.


Stratosphere COE Delivery

Stratosphere connects the entire spectrum of Pega resources by mapping individual enablement plans that trace directly to program- level staffing and forecasting. This helps your organization scale with demand, lower its development costs, and become both self-directing and self-reliant.

Team roles & responsibilities are configured to align skills, staff levels, and demand for development.


Stratosphere COE Enablement

While a Center of Excellence is commonly associated with the initiation of a Program or Project, ongoing support and oversight is required to ensure maximum benefit. As requirements for an Program or Project are defined, the COE reviews them for potential application of existing assets within the library.

Inventory of existing modules speeds implementation through maximum reuse.

Stratosphere COE Workbench Runs In Pega to Manage Your Pega Practice

A complete practice management tool

Your teams are working in Pega's Designer Studio and Agile Studio to build your business processes, so naturally, their communication and practice management tool should be there as well. The Stratosphere COE Workbench works just like your Pega development environment (because it's built using the Pega development environment), making it easy for your Pega practitioners to adopt.

COE Studio.png
COE Navigation.png

APPLICATION data structure

The Workbench is structured in the same logical way that a COE operates with clearly defined landing pages for each of the major organizational units and deliverables.

Within each of those sections, you can easily see what is available and, with the application-wide search tools, you can easily discover those things that you might hope to find, but otherwise not know where to look.

COE Configuration.png

first run configuration wizard

Getting started is the most difficult part. The Stratosphere COE Workbench makes setting up your implementation a breeze with a guided walkthrough. Of course you're not locked into any of the decisions you make initially - the Workbench can be changed and grow as you do.