Join Stratosphere Consulting At PegaWorld June 3 - 6, 2018

Stratosphere Consulting will attend PegaWorld 2018 in Las Vegas as a sponsor and exhibitor. We will be demonstrating our Center of Excellence Workbench for attendees. To learn more about our COE Workbench, read here (LINK).

PegaWorld 2018

Our COE Workbench product is intended for companies with large, enterprise-wide Pegasystems deployments, to help you improve your Governance, Enablement and Deployment. It is a Pega application to help you manage your Pega Application Development. As a reader of this blog, we want to let you know that with 5000 attendees expected at #pegaworld2018, we recommend registering for our COE Workbench demonstration in advance, so you can get all your questions answered 1 to 1. Submit your email below and we will get your demo scheduled.

Learn more about why the Center of Excellence Workbench is so important for cutting edge Pega users in this blog post from our CEO.

The press release for our #PegaWorld 2018 announcement 


Since PegaWorld is a technology conference, we are sharing our  on Pega's expected innovation in the blog post below.

A Prediction of the Hot Tech Trends for Large Enterprises that Pegasystems will Address at PegaWorld Las Vegas



Automation and Artificial Intelligence

I expect that the bulk of Pegasystem’s product announcements during the conference will center on advancements they have made in implementing AI frameworks into the platform. AI gets the buzz, but Pega has been building in automation features for a while now, and so these announcements will focus on helping them get smarter in less time, and make them easier to implement for customers who have significant scale.  


Customer Service - How to keep raising the bar through enhanced personalization

Improving customer service is a hallmark for any enterprise, and is usually the lever that startups use to displace large incumbents in a market Certain markets where Pegasystems perform well, like financial services, insurance and healthcare have attracted significant venture investment, on the promise of players who are building their businesses from scratch can employ modern technology and thinking to an age old business and capture share. This creates an impetus for enterprises to improve their business processes, from one size fits all, to continue to atomize their customer service. In the past, perhaps a good, better, best set of packages might suffice, but now offerings can be customize to serve the needs of a particular customer, at a particular moment in time. Many of the case studies that will be showcased emphasize a 1 to 1 customer interaction, reflecting these principles.


Building a quality Omni-channel experience for customers

customers accumulate their perception of your business via multiple channels, but legacy systems didn’t consider tweets, blogs and texts, when giving your front line support staff the information they need to best represent the business. The challenge is daunting, but thinking holistically about the experience your customer has is the way to stay relevant.


Speed wins, how to achieve it in a large organization

Speed Wins - in a dynamic competitive environment, being able to adapt is the key to survival. Since many of Pegasystems custojhjhjhmers are some of the largest, most respected brands in the world, many assume that their strength is what is the cause of their longevity. But the message espoused by Pegasystems, along with the agile methodology, and the Center of Excellence is that rapid prototyping, (Pega Express), module reuse, and development without coding create the business process systems that enable the kind of adaptability that is required to compete.